Why Are We Different - Our Competitive Edge

Asia Pacific Recruitment Specialist

  An organization grounded by principles, Asianet’s core values include: 

We aim to deliver our work to the highest standards of professionalism and performance.

We are consistent, transparent and act ethically in all our dealings. 
We honour our commitments and our identity.

We work in partnership with our clients and candidates to achieve
our mutual goals over the long term.


Effective hiring is not easy, and the vast array of cultures and languages in Asia Pacific can be more of a challenge. Interfacing with local governments is also mandatory for making leadership hiring decisions in the region. Our staff are multilingual, facilitating clear communications with both clients and candidates, inspiring stakeholders’ confidence in candidates’ competencies in complex areas like effective multi-tasking and multi-cultural management. Operating in complex and fast-changing countries like China highlights the critical need for ever increased levels of technical and management capabilities from senior leadership.


Since 1988, Asianet has been an international, multicultural talent search firm dedicated to supporting leadership hiring in Asia Pacific.

We are a research-based firm. From the first stages of a project, to the presentation of a final shortlist, onboarding and following-up with placed candidates, all stages and aspects of every search are conducted entirely in-house. Asianet’s researchers and consultants speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese. We conduct multiple assessments and interview all candidates in-depth prior to considering them for presentation to our client. Typically spending more than an hour in any interview, Asianet’s consultants are experts in structured, unstructured, behavioural, competency and other interview techniques. With an average of twenty-years’ experience, our consultants provide unparalleled insight into candidates’ work styles and cultures, historical performance, track-records and market reputations. Our holistic approach to talent in an Asia context empowers us to support organisations in achieving their ambition of securing a competitive advantage in the region.

Asianet aspires to be the talent search partner of choice in the Asia Pacific.

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