What We Do - Industries and Practice Areas

Asia Pacific Recruitment Specialist

We identify the best talent.

With our talent acquisition expertise, in-depth local knowledge and in partnership with 40-plus offices in more than 60 countries around the world, Asianet Consultants assists clients in making the right hiring decisions to grow their businesses by: 


  • Understanding client’s business needs and leadership requirements:
    We start by understanding the client company’s strategic goals, culture, challenges and priorities to determine the specific capabilities, experience and personality traits needed for the executive role. 


  • Sourcing candidates:
    We utilize an extensive network of professional contacts, a proprietary database of candidates and headhunting techniques to source potential candidates for the role. We cast a wide net to find both passive and active candidates. 


  • Evaluating and screening candidates:
    We evaluate candidates based on both hard and soft skills. We assess qualifications, experience, expertise, competence, leadership style and cultural fit. We conduct thorough reference and background checks. 


  • Recommending top candidates:
    We recommend the best-in-class candidates, often ranked according to a balanced scorecard defined by the unique KPIs of the position and line managers’ selection criteria. We provide in-depth profiles of the candidates, highlighting their suitability for the role. 


  • Managing the recruitment process:
    We manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish, coordinating candidate interviews, assessments, and negotiation of compensation packages. 
  • Retail & FMCG
    Fashion, Apparel, and Footwear Sourcing, Manufacturing and Retail, Personal Care, Cosmetics and Beauty, Personal Products, Household goods


  • Industrial
    Manufacturing Equipment, Solutions and Technologies, Discreet and Process Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Infrastructure, Speciality Chemicals, Chemical Production and Distribution, Engineering, Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation, Advanced Materials, Semiconductor Equipment, Design and Fabrication.


  • Energy & Environment
    Up and Downstream Oil and Gas Production and Processing, Energy Production and Transmission Equipment and Solutions, Renewable Energy Equipment, Tools, Services and Solutions, Water Treatment and Civil Infrastructure 


  • Life Sciences
    Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Speciality Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Imaging, Diagnostic and Analytical Tools, Research and Development and Discovery Tools and Solutions, Reagents, Fine Chemicals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Peptides, Proteins and biocides, Genetics, AgroSciences 


  • Functional Leadership
    Board and Company Directors, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology and Innovation, Strategy, Governance, Compliance, Risk, Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability, Go-To-Market and Market Entry 


  • Government, Institutions and NGOs
    Statutory and Governing Bodies and Councils, Academic Boards and Trustees, University and College Deans and Department Heads, Governmental and NGO Executive, Functional and Operational Leadership, and Succession Planning




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