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Real impact, real understanding, really stable, really engaged
by Chris Geary
Talent Management Magazine

I've been looking forward settling down with this topic for a few weeks now. Real social responsibility is something I can tell you straight up boosts employee engagement.
The Shark Fin Question
by Chris Geary
The Huffington Post Blog

One of the things that I love the most about living in Hong Kong is the very unique way that Chinese, Asian and Western cultures mix and co-exist. If you are going to survive and succeed in such a place, you have to be able to move between the different cultures, interpreting and translating from one scenario to the next.
World Economic Forum 2013 presents Entrepreneurship and innovation
Conversation with Tim Brown & Michael Oreskes
Christopher Geary, COO of Asianet Group, speaks with Tim Brown & Michael Oreskes on entrepreneurship and innovation as part of their Davos conference
A Global China: How Do You Win in a War for Talent?
by Kenny Lau
AmCham Magazine

The annual AmCham Human Capital Conference was held on December 4th at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel. More than a dozen speakers and panelists engage in lively discussions on the topic of talent management in the China market. Below is a summary report of selected panels of the conference
When was the last time you practiced the art of the humble conversation at work?
by Chris Geary
Talent Management Magazine

During the last two months I have heard a lot of stories of turnover in businesses in Asia Pacific. I have also heard of a number of large organisations that are working very hard to tackle this issue.
The 4th Quarter from where I'm sitting - 30,000 feet in the air
by Chris Geary
Talent Management Magazine

September and I'm on the road again. I'm writing this 30,000ft above the Atlantic between Milan and New York on a quick 5 day round-the-world set of meetings.
Managing Across Generations
by Chris Geary
Talent Management Magazine

I find it utterly incomprehensible that in 2012, we are still talking about the challenge that is being posed to business by an ageing workforce and the retirement of the Baby-Boomer generation.
Talent Strategy is not a Fire Extinguisher!
by Chris Geary
Talent Management Magazine

Talent as a function itself faces its own major talent challenges in Asia Pacific more than anywhere else. Asia Pacific recruiters are "Lone-Wolf-Hunter-Killers" that have really been riding a 10-year bull market. There are few people that have the professional maturity and management skill to transition to the corporate environment.
Missing Management In fast growing Asia the biggest shortages are on the executive floor
Inside Fashion interviews Mark Geary (Vol. 22 Issue 1, January 2012)
"Until companies start to provide proper budgets for the maintenance and development of their human assets then they will continue to experience high turnover and disruption to their business."
Communicate to Collaborate and therefore Engage
by Chris Geary
Talent Management Magazine

Engagement with current and prospective employees is the key motivator in attracting and retaining them to your business... September and October have been months abroad, travelling in both Asia Pacific and the United States engaging with professionals and leadership from international and global businesses around the topic of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management challenges and strategies for 2012.
Supply Chain Overview in Chengdu
by Michael Lee
Industry Week
Chengdu, the fourth largest logistics hub behind Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing is offering a preferential corporate income tax rate of 15% until 2013.
Global Markets Slump on Eurozone Debt and US Recession Fears
Russia Today (TV Interview)
"Previously, we had a banking crisis where the banks had lent too much money. The banks have undergone considerable change and reform: they have strengthened their balance sheet, they have had the stress test," he said. "What we are seeing now is a fiscal crisis. It is where governments have not balanced their books."
Is Marriage an Opportunity for Futher Engagement
by Chris Geary
Talent Management Magazine

In business, marriage occurs prior to engagement. The wrong marriage decision will prevent engagement, failure will therefore be much more likely. In the case of a dis-engaged leader, this will filter down into their team and set back progress and competitive advantage.
Executive Search Finds a Home
HKTDC - Success Stories
The "simple answer" as to why Hong Kong is the best place for the executive search business is "China," accorkding to Mark Geary, Chief Executive of Asianet Consultants.
Minimum Wage, Minimum Benefits
by Chris Geary
Talent Management Magazine

After 50 years of international studies by recongnised economists and governments, there is no conslusive evidence or unifying opinion as to the overall resulting risk or benefit of a minimum wage policy.
Recruitment Retention in China
by Mark Geary
HR Magazine
Asia as a region can be very confusing to those who are not used to doing business with it. Yet in many ways it is similar to the challenge of dealing with Europe, experienced by those Americans who expect that the EEC will be united together in a similar way to the USA
G7 Becomes E7 - The Rise of the Emerging Markets
by Mark Geary
Search Consult Magazine
By 2025 China will be the world's largest exonomy and India the world's third largest economy. The current G7 will have been replaced by E7 "the emerging seven" - which are made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey - who will have surpassed the G7 group of developed nations.
Are you prepared for the Baby Boomers retiring 2008 - 2015?
by Mark Geary
HR Magazine
The world will never experience as many millions of old people as it will in the next few decades. In the next 30 years, America, Europe, Japan, and China will be full of pensioners. America alone is expecting its retired population to increase from 35 million people to over 70 million as the Baby Boom population retires between 2008 and 2015.
Global Recruitment in a Shrinking Talent Pool
HR Magazine interviews Mark Geary
For our clients we are often providing consultancy advice on retention and talent management. A lot of companies have only passive policies. These are both areas where companies need more active and aggressive management.



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