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"Our systematic and focused search process directly targets relevantly qualified candidates"
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We do not advertise. We systematically search for the people you need. We have a long track record of success in recruiting quality executives and have a database of over 15,000 talented candidates. We know where to find the good people, especially those that are not actively seeking a new job, but are open to consider an interesting new opportunity.

You may well have experienced the frustrations of trying to recruit the high quality staff your business needs and the amount of valuable management time it can take up. Newspaper advertising frequently does not work in the Asia Pacific region as managerial level staff do not like to send their CVs to people that they do not know. Recruitment agencies surf the web and send you CVs of inappropriate people that have not been properly screened and interviewed.

Our systematic and focused search process:

  • directly targets relevantly qualified candidates and screens out candidates that do not meet your specification
  • identifies candidates not actively seeking a move, but open to opportunities with good quality companies
  • interviews candidates in depth and provides detailed reports on a selection of appropriate candidates
  • continues working until the right candidate is found
  • carries out all reference checking
  • guarantees that if the candidate is terminated by you for performance reasons in the first six months of employment, we will provide a replacement candidate without further charge





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